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Universidad ICESI


Anbe es una aplicación creada para ayudar a estudiantes de universidades en el proceso de filtrar y matricular electivas, la cual estaba en la necesidad de ajustes de UX.

Deacuerdo a feedback de los usuarios, y a comportamientos observados durante pruebas de usuario se definieron los siguientes objetivos para optimizar las tareas de la aplicación:

1. Deshacerse de las sobras en la estética, ya que estas estaban consumiendo muchos recursos y causaban problemas de optimización en algunos modelos móviles.

2. Reducir la cantidad de clics para realizar las tareas mas frecuentes, optimizando así el tiempo que los usuarios pasan en la aplicación.

3. Re-diseñar ciertas interfaces en el que el tamaño de los objetos en pantalla estaban generando problemas de interacción.



 Antiguo imagen Anbe

Antiguo imagen Anbe

 Nueva imagen Anbe

Nueva imagen Anbe

No solamente se diseño una nueva imagen, también se unieron las funciones de 'buscar' y 'filtrar' en un solo botón (véase esquina superior derecha).


*Imagenes detallando cada funcion de la aplicación seran agregadas en el transcurso de la semana*


ft. Jairo A. Montes P.h.D


It was a real pleasure to have the opportunity to work in this project. A collegue of mine had this idea if a platform that presents players (kids) with simple medical problems and provides them a group of possible answers to the problem (medical treatments).

Depending on what the player chooses the patient might get better, not change at all, or get worse. This gameplay loop has an experimentation loop attatched to it that helps users develop scientific thinking tools that they might find useful in other fields of their student career.


My take on serious videogames

It's no mystery or takes no extensive analysis to see that, for the most part, the traditional way we teach our children is part of an out-of-date educational system. Way back when we didn’t have the infinite knowledge database that is the internet we had the need to store knowledge in the heads of our students, so that it could be passed to the next generation and not lost in the void of time. However I don’t think that we have that need anymore; any kid with a mobile device has access to more information than any sage of the past could’ve even imagine existed.

Teori is a project that aspires to give kids virtual spaces where they can use the information they acquire in school or surfing the web and use it to solve complex problems with simple solutions in the form of videogames. That wat they are learning to use information rather than storing it.


This first prototype gives you as the player the ability to control a specific population within a stimulated ecosystem. The objective is to understand how the growth or decline of said population can bring balance or chaos to ecosystems and how we, as human beings, have the responsibility to keep said balance.

Having fun with motion graphics

This is a kind of nostalgic project created back when I was coursing my third semester at college. I was inspired by the simple pure shapes and colors used in the Suprematism art movement, it always seemed to me that Malevich’s pieces had some kind of movement in them so I decided to give them movement myself.

The audio piece belongs to Infected Mushroom, it’s a fragment from their song “Nothing to say”, and was picked from a series of pieces recommended by a friend. I was searching for a piece of music that went well with the idea of movement that I had in my head.


Bringing the groove back

These concept dances where created for a clothing brand from my hometown named Clownaman which had a collection concept about mixing up psychedelia with the groove dances from Soul Train.


After being polished up they were used for the brand’s new collection debut at the Cali Exposhow 2013 as can be seen down below